Hello! I’m Leah

I’m a Graphic Designer, Freelance Artist, and an Assistant Wedding Photographer. I love scary movies, cute plushies, and pointy things!

I am inspired by grunge, nu-goth, and punk styles and wish to incorporate darker styles into an otherwise modern and colorful world. Stay a while and check out some of my work!

Meet the Designer

This year I have worked with my local church to expand their membership with my design skills. In 2023 my walking team raised over $3000 in funds for the American Cancer Society and many other projects! Follow my Facebook or Instagram to see what I’ve been up to!

Let’s design something amazing! Together.

Need an illustration? Contact me.

Brand Designer

Need a logo design or a complete redesign? You’ve come to the right place.

Ui/ Ux Designer

User Interface is a risky design business and allows very few mistakes. Let me take the stress out of the equation with my skills.

Illustrative Design

Illustrative design is by far my favorite and always produce truly brilliant results.


I live to create and love the process no matter how messy or tedious it may be.


Great client satisfaction. Love to keep everyone up to date on the step by step process because it allows for better communication and a well suited design.

Assistant Wedding Photographer

Working for Crystal Image Photography as of summer of 2023. Assisting with larger weddings and photography sessions.