About Me

Art is life.

Designer. Freelancer. Photographer. Artist.

Hi there! I’m Leah. Take a look around!

From doodling on the corners of tests in school to designing concepts and designs for businesses big and small.

Hello! My name is Leah Davis. I am a self-motivated graphic designer with strong skills in illustration and brand design. Creating and drawing have always been a core part of my being and will continue to inspire my art and designs.

The devil is in the details and I deliver works catered to the client. Together, you and I will create the best product that will keep you satisfied and accelerate your customer intake!


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe XD
  • Most adobe editing*
  • Html & Css
  • Reliable
  • Dependable
  • Professional
  • Goal-orientated
  • Eccentric
  • Illustrative Artist
  • Brand & Logo Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Independent Artist
  • Assistant Wedding Photographer


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Assitant Wedding Photographer for Crystal Image Photography

I assist Crystal herself with bigger weddings and am her most recent part time shooter. Joined August of 2023. I mostly work with candid shots and behind the scenes of the wedding event.


I organized and ran a very successful Relay for Life team called the Methodist Holy Walkamoliez . With the help of some clever marketing and homemade goodies we were able to raise over $3,500 in less than 3 months. We came in third out of all of Appomattox Relay Teams. Woop Woop!

In honor of my late mother who passed due to pancreatic cancer and my father who beat stage 4 cancer.